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Joint Pain was created to help people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders learn about treatments to ease symptoms and help them lead a more comfortable life.

There are natural treatments for joint pain that can have significant benefits, and more and more people are choosing safer alternatives to treat joint pain due to arthritis.

What Do Increased Uric Acid Levels Mean?

Increased uric acid levels in the body could lead to gout and kidney issues, but just because this condition, known as hyperuricemia, exists, doesn't mean you will necessarily have these problems.

Uric acid is formed when the body breaks down substances known as purines, which are found naturally in our bodies as well as in animals and plants. Under normal circumstances, this uric acid is transported in the blood to the kidneys and eliminated from the body through your urine.

Sometimes this process doesn't happen as effectively as it should, resulting in a build up of uric acid in the blood. This could be due to anything from too many purines in your diet to kidney malfunction to medications you are taking.

In the case of gout, increased uric acid levels lead to crystal formation in the joints, which causes inflammation and significant pain.

I think I might have gout...what should I do?

The first step when it comes to any health condition, minor or major, is to consult a medical professional as soon as possible to figure out what the situation is. Make sure you clearly describe what symptoms you are experiencing, and make him or her aware of any medications you are currently taking and any other relevant information.

Are there ways to decrease uric acid levels?

Assuming you are otherwise healthy, and there isn't something serious causing the high uric acid concentration, then there are steps you can take to combat the situation:

1. Avoid foods that are known to be high in purines, such as animal meats, shellfish, legumes and yeasts.

3. Avoid alcohol as it can interfere with effective elimination of uric acid from the body.

3. Drink more water to help flush your system out. Similarly, include more complex carbs and fiber to help improve your digestive system and eliminate waste.

4. Start exercising more. Regular exercise improves your overall health, and when you are healthier the body works much more efficiently.

5. Eliminate stress and get more sleep. Stress taxes the body and hinders proper functioning...lack of sleep does the same thing. You want to give your body the best chance it has to function at optimal levels.

What are the normal and increased uric acid levels?

The normal range of uric acid is between 3.5 and 7.2 mg/dL (milligrams per deciliter) for men and 2.5 and 6.0 for women. However, you can potentially have gout at a level of 6mg/dL, or not have gout at levels above 7.2mg/dL. Also keep in mind that these ranges are not exact and your doctor may have a different range of normal levels.

If you notice any swelling, pain, redness or inflammation in your joints, it could be gout or a host of other potential ailments. Make sure you seek medical attention right away if you notice any of these signs.

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