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Joint Pain was created to help people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and related disorders learn about treatments to ease symptoms and help them lead a more comfortable life.

There are natural treatments for joint pain that can have significant benefits, and more and more people are choosing safer alternatives to treat joint pain due to arthritis.

Collagen Pills for Arthritis

Pills for arthritis are becoming big business in the prescription drug world, and ironically are also seeing the largest share of problems. With patients reporting all kinds of side effects from stomach problems to heart valve failure, big name prescription pills for arthritis are being pulled from the market almost daily, leaving arthritis sufferers wondering what is left for them to take to ease their pain.

Alternative therapies for pain using supplements have become much more popular recently, due to the fact that they have fewer side effects and are often less expensive and more effective than traditional treatments. One of the most talked about therapies as of late has been the use of collagen pills for arthritis.

Collagen is extremely important to joint health, although most people tend to think of it as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Certain types of arthritis can cause the cartilage in joints to lose its elasticity and eventually begin to wear away in the areas that see the most movement, such as knees, ankles and wrists. Without their natural shock-absorber present, tendons and ligaments stretch to fill in for the missing cartilage, which causes tremendous pain.

Without some sort of treatment, it is fully possible for even these replacements to wear out, leaving bones to rub against one another. Prescription pills for arthritis usually are used here to dull the pain, which doesn't really do much other than mask your symptoms.

The cartilage that is in joints is made up of four basic substances, which are proteoglycans, chondrocytes, water and collagen. Not only is collagen a key component of building and strengthening cartilage, it can also be found in the surrounding tendons, and creates a literal framework that houses the other components of cartilage. Using collagen pills for arthritis does more than prescription pills simply because rather than masking or dulling the pain, they help to rebuild the lost cartilage and effect a long term solution.

There are two main types of collagen used in pills for arthritis, Type I Collagen and Type II Collagen. Type I Collagen restores cartilage, thereby reducing the pain and stiffness caused by the breakdown of these vital tissues and also improves mobility of the joints as new cartilage is created. Type II Collagen is the actual protein that is lost in the stiffening and breakdown process, so many feel that it is important for patients to supplement themselves with this type of collagen in order to make sure the first type has something to build on.

Type II Collagen itself was thoroughly tested in a major double-blind study at Harvard Medical School. Using cartilage from chickens, they administered it by feeding the supplement to a group of arthritis sufferers, many of whom reported a definite improvement in their symptoms.

There are several sources for this type of treatment, although in some parts of the country you cannot get Type II Collagen over the counter.

Anyone who has suffered the debilitating pain that comes with arthritis, or knows someone who does, the importance of finding safe, effective pills for arthritis is paramount. These new studies and the resulting evidence that shows collagen pills for arthritis are definitely a step in the right direction are important to perhaps one day finding a cure for arthritis, but in the meantime, there's no reason not to try them for yourself. You have nothing to lose but your pain!

Featured Natural Remedy for Arthritis

After extensively researching treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and related joint pain conditions, we have discovered a breakthrough natural arthritis treatment that we have had tremendous success with.

This special arthritis supplement is called Not Just Joints and it contains all of the natural arthritis relieving nutrients, including glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and other special ingredients to help reduce inflammation, swelling and stiffness as well as protect the joints and provide long lasting pain relief.

Try Not Just Joints today and see if this alternative to pills for arthritis works for you.

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Featured Arthritis Treatment
Relieve Arthritis Pain Significantly

Discover how Not Just Joints can treat arthritis pain naturally without the side effects of prescription drugs.

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